Basic Bathroom Remodel Do’s and Don’ts.

Basic Bathroom Remodel Do’s and Don’ts.

Do: Research for inspirations and plan your layout
Ask yourself, “How, Who, Why”.
How do you want the bathroom to look?
Do some of your own research online. See the many different designs that will suit your lifestyle and bathroom capacity. Take a look at the latest technology or design innovations that could help improve your time in the bathroom as well. One of the best places to get bathroom design inspiration from is through Pinterest.
Who uses the bathroom?
Function is just as important as design. Remember to consider the people who will actually use the bathrooms. Is it for your kids? Make sure any renovation made is easily accessible to them. Is it for your guests? Make sure to include all the necessities as if it were your own personal bathroom. Is it for the master en suite? If you are sharing the room with a partner, make sure to discuss with them and consider their needs and wants.
Why are you doing a bathroom renovation?
When you are planning out your bathroom remodel layout, keep in mind your goals and objectives.

Don’t: Forget to keep it within budget
Do not go overboard with the designs and forget about the costs. It has to be realistic and reasonable. Analyse on your own savings and decide how much you would actually like to spend on the bathroom renovations. Match the budget with the estimated renovation costs. If you are unsure, request for quotes from a contractor or renovation company.

Do: Keep it neutral
Imagine your bathroom as a blank canvas. Your walls and floors have the largest surface area which means, these are the ones that will require the most work and can be costly. Therefore if you like to keep up with the trends and do renovations often, it may be best to keep the walls and floors at a neutral colour. A useful tip is to consider playing around with the different types of textures or materials, and keep a maximum of three different colours or materials in the bathroom.

Don’t: Skimp on storage space
Space is an important factor for the functionality of your bathroom. Plan to maximize your space for bathroom accessories and think about what you store in your bathroom. For instance, you may have a lot of bottled products; you will have to consider its height and weight to design a space that will be able to store these products. From there, think about the number of different types of products such as beauty products, cleaning products, towels, etc., and how you would arrange and store them in a shared space. You should also consider its accessibility.

Do: Have flow
Think about the layout and placement of your toilet fixtures, especially when you have a small bathroom. For example, you wouldn’t want your towel rack to be on the other end of the shower.

Don’t: Remove any plumbing and ventilation
Whatever you do, do not remove any of your plumbing and ventilations. They are the most important features of your bathroom. One mistake can be costly. Therefore, try to plan your bathroom remodelling around your plumbing and ventilations. Make sure that any new features you add into your bathrooms do not block your ventilation.

Do: Buy products that meet New Zealand’s industry standard
Check with your plumber or builder that the fixtures you bought meet the New Zealand bathroom legal requirements, especially when it is bought from a second hand store. Otherwise, try looking into reputable brands or from specialist bathroom stores.

Don’t: DIY if you are not confident
DIY is not for everyone. Even the smallest renovation can end up quite costly if not done right. It is best to seek advice and help from professional builders or renovation companies as they can guarantee good results and they are the most knowledgeable on whether your renovations require building consent.

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